If Linux is your operating system, you may find difficulties in searching for open-source network-monitoring programs to run with it. Well, consider your search over now.

We suggest that you visit for Nagios. Nagios, obviously, is an open source network-monitoring application that runs on Linux and other Unix-based systems.

What’s special about it is that it has a large user base. also has an active online community where you can ask for help. You can download the latest version and the required plug-ins from the download section of this website as well.


Take note, however, that Nagios takes some time to configure and effort to setup, so be sure that you review the recommendations before you start using it. Plus, these recommendations and instructions are readily available at

You may also want to visit first Linux’s main tutorial website ( There’s a part of the tutorial that covers TCP/IP networking and system configuration basics. Linux network configuration, management, monitoring and system tools are also in the tutorial.

Take the time to review all the contents of this tutorial, so that you won’t be having difficulties later on while using or installing a new software.