Over and over, singles often express that they are looking for their perfect match. One of the most often asked questions is “Do you think he or she is that person?” How do we know if we have found that person? Here’s a soul mate test that will help you define whether this person could be the one.

People often confuse this companion for someone with whom they will never have any relationship problems. This simply is not true. The true test is about how you feel about this person. A true test will make you feel differently than you ever felt with anyone else.

Another thing to remember is quite often the relationship with this person will have more trials and tribulations than any other relationship you have ever encountered. It is the way that you feel about those problems that is so very different from any other relationship.

For example, let’s say that you have met this person but he or she just doesn’t seem to be ready for a commitment. Maybe he or she won’t really step up to having a real relationship, yet, they won’t go away either. What does all of this mean and how do you feel about it?

In the true relationship, you will understand that the other person just needs time to learn to trust and is probably going through a healing process due to a hurtful relationship or some event in their life that had absolutely nothing to do with you. If it is not a true relationship, you will often feel that the person you are involved with just doesn’t care about you enough or is trying to intentionally hurt you. If this person is your true mate, even though you might wish things were different, you are able to see through to this person’s soul, and know that they truly are struggling within themselves.

Another good soul mate test is to ask yourself if you feel this person truly loves you. Regardless of how someone is acting, if they truly are that person you will “feel” their love. This is a tough experience to describe since you can’t understand it unless you have felt it.

How do you feel when this person is away from you? Even if you are apart for weeks or even months and sometimes years, you will literally “feel” this person. You will know deep inside that distance or lack of communication cannot separate you. You may try to distance yourself from one another but neither physical separation or non-existent communication can create the separation that occurs when two people who aren’t soul mates distance themselves.

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